About Zombielantis

Zombielantis is more than just a zombie game. It's an epic open world online multiplayer first person shooter where you choose to either play on the zombie or human side. Each has their pros and cons that balance the strengths and weaknesses of both species. Massive teams clash together in a beautiful tropical island setting far away from civilization, where only the best will be able to survive.

In order to complete the Zombielantis game and make it production ready, a crowdfunding campaign is going to be launched on Kickstarter soon. Sign up now for the Zombielantis Newsletter and be the first to know when we launch, so you don't miss the Super Early Bird Specials.

Once a human is bitten, it's not over! It's where the fun begins - You'll turn into a zombie yourself. Danger is lurking everywhere mixed with amusing moments you don't want to miss. A whole new gaming experience. Be the pilot of a UAV drone for air support. Fight your way through the endless bush with agile quad bikes or master the sea with armed speed boats. Watch the Reveal Trailer if you haven't yet and see for yourself what you may expect of Zombielantis!

Please don't hesitate to contact us for questions and further information. We're available through the Zombielantis social channels as well as via email. Get in touch with us when you're writing an article, creating a video or anything else about Zombielantis, so we can provide you the Zombielantis Press Kit containing material like high-res screenshots and additional insider info.

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